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River Bend Ladies’ League
River Bend Golf and Recreation Area
Red Deer, Alberta
August 2019

Article I - Name of Organization

Article II - Operations of the Organization

Article III - Purpose of the Organization

Article IV - Membership

Article V - Withdrawal, Termination, Expulsion or Suspension

Article VI - Executive Committee

Article VII - Meetings of the Organization

Article VIII - Voting

Article IX - Governance and Management of Organization

Article X - Duties of the Officers of the Executive Committee

Article XI - Remuneration

Article XII - Membership Fees and Dues

Article XIII - Standing Rules

Article XIV - Method of Amending By-Laws



Article I – Name of the Organization

The name of this organization will be the River Bend Ladies’ League.

Article II – Operations of the Organization

The River Bend Ladies’ League is affiliated with the River Bend Golf and Recreation Area, but the activities operate separately.  The activities are carried on at the River Bend Golf and Recreation Area, Red Deer, Alberta.

Article III – Purpose of the Organization

The primary purpose River Bend Ladies’ League will be:

  • To promote and develop a women’s golf league

  • To provide social and golfing contact among its members

  • To encourage a high standard of etiquette, play and sportsmanship

  • To cooperate with other organizations having a similar goal/purpose

  • To provide handicaps to it members

Mission Statement

The River Bend Ladies’ League is a community-minded league whose goal is to allow ladies, regardless of skill, a chance to enjoy the game of golf. The league revolves around social interaction which is encouraged both on and off the course.  Each golf day should present the opportunity for all golfers to make new friends and renew old acquaintances.

Article IV –Membership

Members of the River Bend Ladies’ League will:

  • Have paid their membership Fee by the registration deadline

  • Be at least 18 years old as of registration night, in the year of membership

  • Follow the league’s Policy and Procedures and Bylaws



Membership is to be limited in regards to the amount of tee times supplied by River Bend Golf and Recreation Area.  In extenuating circumstances, the Executive Committee may approve additional members.

League play will be on Wednesdays, either in the morning at a designated tee time or in the evening with a shotgun start at 5:30 or tee times if there are not enough players for the course to justify a shotgun.

All members have to submit completed registration forms, registration online through league website and payment received as per the designated date by the Executive Committee.  All memberships are non-refundable, except under extraordinary circumstances, which are to be presented in writing to the Executive Committee for consideration.  The first day of league play will be determined by River Bend Golf Course.

Members can defer their membership for a playing season if they provide notice to the Executive Committee.  Consideration will be provided for medical situations or extenuating circumstances.  These members will be included in the general invitation for membership the following year.


Article V – Withdrawal, Termination, Expulsion or Suspension

A) Withdrawal:  Members may resign from the River Bend Ladies’ League in writing to the Executive Committee. Refunds will not be provided after May 31. This resignation will not absolve the member from any liabilities for fees to the River Bend Ladies’ League. The requirement of this subsection may be waived if the Executive Committee believes there are special circumstances.

B) Termination:  The Executive Committee will have the power to expel any member who willfully infringes any of the rules of the River Bend Ladies’ League, or who is guilty of conduct considered detrimental or injurious to the River Bend Ladies’ League as a whole. The member will have the right to appeal the decision to the Executive Committee.

C) Expulsion:  The Executive Committee may expel any member of this club for good cause including unsportsmanlike conduct, vulgarity, or violation of the rules or any conduct that result in adverse reflection on this club. In the event a member is expelled, the club member will forfeit her fee.

D) Suspension:  The Executive Committee may suspend any member from regular or windup play for good causes including unsportsmanlike conduct, vulgarity, violation of the rules or any conduct which results in adverse reflection on this club. In the event of any suspension, the club member will forfeit her green fee or windup fee, if applicable.


Article VI – Executive Committee

Composition of the Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee will consist of up to SIXTEEN (16) voting members that will be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Prize Committee (4), Social/Meal Committee (2), League Captains (4), Ringer Book Captain (1), Communications (1).   From those 16 members a Year End Windup Committee will be chosen. They may recruit other members to serve on the committees.

Election of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, elected by vote at the Year End Windup, will act as the officers of the River Bend Ladies’ League, and of this membership for a two-year term, from November 1 of the year of election until October 31 of the second year, or until such time as their successors are elected and installed.


Article VII – Meeting of the Organization

The organization will hold an AGM at the year-end windup.  The Executive Committee will also hold regular meetings, as determined by the President.

A Special meeting of the organization may be called at any time by the Executive Committee, or by one-third (1/3) of the voting membership with written notice of their wish to hold such a meeting and the agenda for the meeting.  The Executive Committee will call such a meeting as expeditiously as possible.

Article VIII – Voting

Any member who has not withdrawn, been suspended or expelled from membership as herein provided will have the right to one (1) vote at any Annual or Special General Meeting of the society. Such votes may be made in person or by proxy.

All matters in question at all Meetings of River Bend Ladies’ League will be determined by a simple majority (50% + 1) of the membership.  The President will vote only in the case of a tie at all Meetings.


Article IX – Governance and Management

Control and management of the affairs, funds, and properties of the club will be vested in the Executive Committee.

The signing officers of the River Bend Ladies’ League Executive Committee will be the President, Secretary, and Treasurer; cheques may be authorized on any River Bend Ladies’ League account by any one (1) of these three (3) officers. Special accounts may be established by the membership with other specified signing officers, with the provision that the Treasurer have signing authority on all accounts.

All officers will return all property belonging to the River Bend Ladies’ League in their possession upon termination of their term in office.


Article X – Duties of Officers – Executive Committee

President:  The President is responsible for the general overview and running of the entire league.  She will manage and coordinate all meetings and is the main contact between River Bend Golf Course and the Ladies’ League.  She is responsible for setting up the Ladies’ registration evening, windup and banquet.  All concerns, questions or comments should be directed towards the President.  The President may also review meeting minutes and forward to all executive members.  The President may be a member of either the AM or PM group, but that will alternate every two years.  If the President plays on the AM Group then the Vice-President will be a member of the PM Group.

Vice-President:  The Vice President will be the main contact between the AM and PM leagues. She will also oversee the general running of the league to which she belongs. She will act as a back-up to the President in the event the President is absent for any length of time.  It is also the responsibility of the Vice-President to fill in for any other members of the executive who may be absent for any length of time.  Ideally the Vice-President will be the “President in Training” and will stand for election as President at the end of her term as Vice-President.

Secretary:  The Secretary’s role is to take minutes of the meeting and may forward the meeting’s minutes to the President for review.  The secretary will also be responsible for creating a spreadsheet detailing all River Bend Ladies’ League membership, phone numbers and email addresses.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer must maintain proper accounting records of the league’s funds and provide a financial report to the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection and deposits of all dues, which include registration, windup, meals, 50/50 draws and all donations.  The Treasurer will also be responsible for all payments of expenses incurred by the league.  The Treasurer will be in direct contact with the River Bend Golf Course’s financial controller.

Audit Committee:  Any 2 executive members and 1 member of the league will perform an audit of all accounting records at year end, following the year end windup.

Past-President:  The outgoing President will become the Past-President. She remains involved in a consultative capacity to the President and Executive Committee.

Social / Meal Committee:  The Social Committee is responsible for organizing social events and coordinating meal ideas and prices with the River Bend Restaurant Manager.

League Captains:  The Team Captains, two (2) for the morning league and two (2) for the evening league are responsible for tee time scheduling, weekly registration and check-in for each golf day.  They are also the main contact to the League for weekly cancellations or add-ons.   It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to send (email) a finalized hole assignment to the clubhouse by Tuesday evening.   Maintaining contact with the entire league with frequent reminders is a vital role of this executive position.

Prize Committee:  The Prize Committee’s responsibility is to create the weekly prizes, making sure the proxies are taken to the pro shop to be taken onto the course, organize the social day door prizes as well as assist in coordinating all windup prizes.  The prize committee will also be responsible for the organization of all the 50/50 draws.

Ringer Book Captain:  The responsibility of the Ringer Book Captain is to create the yearly Ringer book and ensure all members have been entered into the Ringer book with proper information.  The Ringer Book Captain will aid in compiling and computing year end windup prize winners.

Also responsible for entering data and managing the League Manager Computer Software and providing handicap information from the system during seasonal play.

Communications Committee:  The chair of this committee is a member of the executive.  She may recruit members to assist her from the executive or from the general membership.  Responsible for promoting the River Bend Ladies League through whatever media is deemed appropriate to raise awareness of the league, and recruit new members. Managing and updating the website and any other communications to members, (other than tee time scheduling and socials.) This committee will also be responsible for updating information on the League Bulletin Board.

Year End Windup Committee:  The President will chair this committee.  All executive members are members of the committee performing their designated duties on the committee.  Additional members may be recruited from the membership at large.


Article XI – Remuneration

Members of the Executive Committee will be reimbursed financially for out-of-pocket expenses incurred upon the business of the River Bend Ladies’ League.  Any expenses that are in excess of $100.00 will need previous authority by the executive committee.

Article XII – Membership Fees and Dues

The Executive Committee will determine membership fees.  It will have authority to dispense with, increase, decrease, or otherwise change the membership fees to be paid as it deems fit.

Membership fees will be paid to the River Bend Ladies’ League:  Fees include use of handicapping program used by River Bend Ladies League (League Manager), for league members.


Article XIII – Standing Rules

Golf Canada rules will apply as modified by the standing rules or local rules posted for competitions.

Decisions of the Year End Windup Rules Committee, consisting of the President, and appointed Club Professional, will be final in all cases.

All members in good standing of the River Bend Ladies’ League, of the River Bend Golf Course, are eligible to play in the Year End Windup: as indicated on the back of the Club Scorecard and those posted before each windup.


Article XIV – Method of Amending By-Laws

The Executive Committee will have the power to repeal or amend any of these Bylaws. They will be effective when:

  • The Executive Committee approves by a 3/4 majority.

  • The membership gives two-thirds support at an AGM.

  • These bylaws will be reviewed, at a minimum of every two years, or sooner, if changes are needed.

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